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Event Production & Design

The National Poster Retrospecticus

Over 200 Artists! More than 500 Posters! The National Poster Retrospecticus is a traveling art show that celebrates poster design and printmaking. With origins that go back as far as 2006 and a reboot in 2012, I've put everything I've got into The NPR. The show has toured all over North America with close to 100 shows under its belt. We've shown in venues like Disney Animation, Nike HQ, Mondo Gallery, and at events like Adobe Max, and SXSW.

Touring around the country with The NPR has been one of the greatest adventures of my life. It is through this adventure that I am able to combine so much of what I'm stoked on. This covers everything from design, printmaking, community events, producing shows, and road tripping. I'm also fortunate enough to meet some of the most genuine and kindest people while on the road. Their enthusiasm helps keep the wind in our sails. That's how we make those eleven hour drives through crazy weather and deserted stretches of highway.

National Poster Retrospecticus Poster


Retrospecticus is a funny word. The translation comes out to something like "to look forward" and "to look backward". Combine that with imagery from early American lore and we have the all seeing eye of providence. The brand is flexible enough to fit the needs of a 1" button, an extensive website, a poster series or a giant banner.

The Web

The design for the website has evolved right along with the needs of the site. Early versions were coded from scratch and fully responsive. Future iterations went on to document the tours and include a robust retail space.

Launch The Site
Tour Sign

Booking & Production

This is where the heavy lifting comes in. Booking a cross-country art tour isn't standard fare—especially for one-night-only events. I've found that my previous experience booking bands came in handy. The logistical puzzle of booking consecutive shows around the US is rewarding and challenging. Producing each event is always a unique challenge. Every venue is different and we often host print demos, artist talks, and live music as well.

National Poster Retrospecticus Branding


Through The NPR I'm also able to consult and collaborate with other teams on special events. This can mean consulting on logistics, art directing a body of new work, or producing a themed poster show for another team. One of my favorite collaborations was with The Rock on Foundation to co-produce a hoops themed poster show at NBA All Star Weekend.

National Poster Retrospecticus Branding

Extended Family

The NPR is one of the largest projects I've ever tackled. If not for the involvement, support and encouragement of the following people this ship wouldn't sail half as true. Big thanks go out to the following cats for pitching in and doing some heavy lifting at some point over the show's history!

National Poster Retrospecticus Photo of Boston Show